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MARINELEC values Data to accelerate the maritime energy transition

The development of digital tools and solutions and the growth of big data or open data offers the stakeholders of the blue economy an increasing amount of accessible data. Well used, they constitute a strategic advantage for companies in the industry and are considered by some to be the true black gold of the maritime sector. With its expertise in collecting and valuing information, MARINELEC Technologies is positioned as a real accelerator of the energy transition in maritime transport.

Efficient energy management on board

Monitoring tools and equipment are only monitoring but do not store the data. MARINELEC develops and sells ECOMER, a device for collecting and analyzing consumption data, item by item, to reduce fuel consumption and polluting gas emissions. Ecomer can also collect environmental data such as wind strength, sea state or current and positioning data, with a routing function. 

Digital technology must enable better understanding and analysis of the data, which implies business expertise and knowledge of the specific issues of the maritime industry. Many companies are proposing solutions, yet MARINELEC makes the difference through its technology based on its expertise and on its knowledge of ships and their environment. Operating, regulatory or safety constraints are taken into account for an analysis to meet each and every need.

Optimizing vessel design and operation 

MARINELEC has not only the capacity to collect but also to manage and value information.  Data is becoming a real asset, both for the shipping industry, which deploys technical solutions, and for shipowners who optimize the operational management of their ships. The collected data via ECOMER is used to identify progress margins, to prepare ship upgrades, to plan maintenance operations...

Instrumented equipment and suitable sensors enable to process data collected in operation. Their analysis enables shipyards, architects and design offices to assess the ship's characteristics or to implement corrective measures; equipment manufacturers can improve their industrial processes and adapt the design of their equipment.

MANAGER, Integrated Bridge Information System

Innovative solution for smarter and safer shipping.


MANAGER, Integrated Bridge Information System, integrates, centralizes and displays on the same screen, in real time, the information from the essential systems in the bridge. This decision support tool provides the ergonomics and comfort essential for better safety and more efficient ship handling thanks to a multiplexing concept.

MANAGER allows to integrate MARINELEC's Supervision, Alarm Monitoring System and to optimize the ship's safety. Several systems are displayed on the same large screen: AMS, radar, sonar, depth sounder, CCTV, etc. The display of information is centralised, the equipment monitors remain independently controllable and keep their own functionalities. MANAGER is compatible with all equipment on the market, leaving the choice to the shipowner.

MANAGER reduces crew workload and the risk of failure due to fatigue. It improves the crew's ability to process information and make decisions. The user remains in control of the choice of equipment to be displayed, separately or simultaneously. The touch-screen control interface makes it quick and easy to select scenarios with the touch of a fingertip. The display format is configurable to suit the wheelhouse and the integrated equipment on one or more screens. MANAGER also has a remote control system. Suitable for new constructions or ship refits.

Development and advanced technology

Our expertise enables us to develop eco-designed solutions and products using advanced technology.

We were the first to apply Power line communication in 2012 to CL09 information light columns on board new cruise vessel.
We develop Wireless communication in European project POSE²IDON and in French competitiveness cluster named SAPHIR. This technology is to be used for Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System and could be generalized to the electronic devices of the bridge.

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