Designer and manufacturer of electronic monitoring and alarm systems for the marine industry

merchant and passengers

Performance for maritime security

Expertise, technological development and experience make MARINELEC a leader in the design and manufacturing of electronic alarm and monitoring equipment for the safety of seamen and their ships. We offer a comprehensive and competitive range of products that combine reliability, quality, ergonomics and design. Our solutions ensure all security functions on board to optimise sailing conditions and operations.

Expertise for professionals

 Perfect knowledge of the marine environment and 40 years of experience put MARINELEC in a privileged position to propose solutions that meet the requirements of international maritime regulations. Our performance is the direct result of the skills and high standards of our team. The aptitude of our 17 technicians, engineers and sales professionals is shown through our technical expertise, innovation and R&D....Our products are all approved by major classification societies and we guarantee all products are followed throughout every process from design to production.

Innovation at the heart of technology

 As a result of our expertise, we have developed specific products integrating advanced technologies such as wireless and power-line communication (PLC). MARINELEC offers specific solutions in response to the issues of energy management and reduction of environmental impact. We develop monitoring equipment and a range of solutions for the shipping industry and passenger transport. They allow for best operating conditions and guarantee comfort and safety.

Client service network

 Client satisfaction is our priority. We ensure dedication to our projects every step of the way from advice and commissioning to technical support and customer services. Our network of technicians and partners worldwide ensure the availability, efficiency and responsiveness of our support services. We work with internationally renowned companies and shipyards providing our equipment on a range vessels including, navy, cargo, cruise, commercial fishing and yachts.

Our technology "merchant and passengers"
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Cruise liner
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Shipowner : RCC
Shipyard : STX

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