Designer and manufacturer of electronic monitoring and alarm systems for the marine industry


Dedicated to commercial fishing

Passion and client demand, due to our proficiency in the fishing industry, have made MARINELEC a top service provider for the safety of seamen and their boats. Our expertise in this industry shows through our reputation as a major supplier of electronic alarm and monitoring equipment for fishing vessels. Designer and manufacturer, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for all security aspects on board to optimise sailing conditions and operations.

Tailor-made solutions responding to professional needs

From the first 'dead man's alarm' devices to analytical econometers, MARINELEC have developed state-of-the-art products in response to the needs of maritime professionals. Our knowledge of the maritime environment and our ability to anticipate changes in regulation, put us in a leading position to innovate and develop competitive, quality products that are reliable and efficient. Our performance reflects our technical expertise, R&D and the competence of our strong team of technicians, engineers and sales professionals.

Simplicity meets performance

Strong and reliable, user-friendly and easy to install, MARINELEC products allow you to sail with peace of mind. With a simple glance or sweep of a touch screen, observation and monitoring for essential safety checks can be performed at the push of a button. Fuel saving, energy management, reduced environmental impact… our technologies improve your operating conditions, making your vessel all in all, a safer, healthier and more efficient environment.

Service at the heart of our network

MARINELEC guarantees continuity in our service, regardless of your ship location. Advice, commissioning, technical support, customer assistance, our team ensure these services as a whole will respond to all your expectations. With our network of technicians in your home port and our partners worldwide, availability, efficiency and responsiveness is our promise.

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