Designer and manufacturer of electronic monitoring and alarm systems for the marine industry


Trusted partner for your safety

Experts in the industry, coupled with 40 years of experience make MARINELEC a leader in the design and manufacture of electronic alarm, control and monitoring equipment for the maritime industry. Reliability, precision, efficiency and adaptability… our comprehensive range of equipment supports all security functions on board to optimise sailing conditions and operations. Our products are all certified by major classification societies and we guarantee our products are followed throughout every process from design to manufacturing.

Innovative technology tailored for offshore

Technical expertise, innovation, R&D and our perfect knowledge of the marine environment provides us with the ability to continuously design better products that meet our clients growing needs. Armed with this knowledge, we have developed sophisticated products, perfectly adapted to specific environments and extreme conditions, such as navigation and offshore operations, diving and submarine activities to name but a few. Wireless and Power-line Communication (PLC) technology, devices for energy management and conservation… MARINELEC technologies guarantees the safety of your crew and your vessel, contributing to the success and efficiency of your missions.

Dedicated team of passionate experts

Our team of technicians, engineers and sales professionals are driven by passion and ambition, they strive to deliver a service of complete customer satisfaction. MARINELEC ensures continuity in our service, regardless of your the location of your ship Consulting, commissioning, technical support, customer assistance, we provide all services to meet your expectations. Our network of technicians and partners worldwide ensure the availability, efficiency and responsiveness of our support services. International shipyards and companies trust us and our products, which are installed on all types of vessels including: supply, service, research, military and rescue.

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Shipyard CEMRE

Crédit : LDA

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Marinelec Technologies designs and manifactures innovative solutions for the Yacht industry

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