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MARINELEC Technologies unveils its new modular fire detection panel

MARINELEC Technologies has always been THE French reference in terms of fire detection systems for ship safety

Always sensitive to its customers’ needs, the company continually develops its products so that they satisfy market requirements effectively. Today, it is launching PHILAE, a new modular, conventional, extended capacity fire detection panel.

Advancing fire protection

To protect people and transported goods, a reliable and ultra-efficient solution is a must. This has always been the priority of MARINELEC Technologies, leader in the field of onboard safety for ships, with its perfect mastery of both the technical aspects and international regulations. Fire prevention onboard ships must satisfy the regulations enforced by the International Maritime Organisation IMO and national regulations which determine the compulsory equipment and procedures. MARINELEC Technologies proposes a complete range of detection equipment so as to satisfy this obligation and prevent fires which are the danger most feared by sailors. This risk is highest in confined spaces and a fire can break out and destroy a vessel in a matter of minutes.

For all types of ships

Among its flagship products for which this company is renown, MARINELEC Technologies has developed fire detection panels. This conventional or addressable equipment is sized to suit both the size and configuration of any ship. It is suitable for the smallest of passenger and working boats, right up to the largest of merchant vessels. These fire detection panels, the detectors and associated accessories from MARINELEC Technologies are approved by classification societies.

Up to 28 zones

Until now, MARINELEC Technologies’ simple and easy to install conventional detection panels covered 4 to 8 zones. The new PHILAE fire panel, having had its performance and reliability confirmed by laboratory tests, can be installed onboard all types of ships thanks to its modular system which enables it to cover 28 zones. Thus, it replaces the CARINA and D109 fire panels.

With PHILAE, MARINELEC Technologies has reached new heights in fire detection. This modular, adjustable, easy-to-install and user-friendly equipment remains competitive yet goes beyond the capacity of conventional technology - the power to make the difference, thanks to this French Tech product exclusively designed and built by the company. The new Marine Equipment Directive MED fire panel will be approved by the Bureau Veritas. Although only just launched, PHILAE is already a success. The first units will shortly be delivered to oceanographic and supply vessels undergoing retrofitting and equip tugs currently under construction.

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