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New MARINELEC Technologies equipment to be better seen and heard

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AVAS © Marinelec
AVAS © Marinelec
NORMA_AFF © Marinelec
NORMA_AFF © Marinelec

Among the historic products produced by MARINELEC Technologies, the French reference in this sector, sound and light signaling equipment is vital for shipping safety. The French manufacturer has made a name for itself in this highly competitive market, thanks to its specific and innovative systems. The pandemic has had no effect on MARINELEC Technologies’ little grey cells, as they have announced the launch of three new products in their range.

Whether it is to indicate a malfunction, communicate information or the risk of a collision or other danger…MARINELEC Technologies offers a whole range of light and sound signaling devices. This regulatory equipment, governed by the International Maritime Organization, conforms to strict norms. The pictograms on the signal light columns, the foghorn-like sound signals, and navigation lights are compulsory and vary according to the type of vessel. For example, Panama or Suez signaling lights are reserved for certain vessels. Thus, the type of regulatory equipment varies according to the use and classification of the vessel (fishing boat under 24 meters, cargo ship, etc).
From centralization to powerline communication
MARINELEC Technologies never stops innovating and enhancing its products: the visual and sound alarms of the ship are centralized in a single piece of equipment. The manufacturer offers a tactile screen display, rather than synoptic visuals on panels. By adapting technologies such as powerline communication, its information light columns are also installed on liners. This year, MARINELEC Technologies has added two new flagship products to its range.

NORMA_AFF, for the control and monitoring of navigation lights, can now be configured and customized. AVAS for the control of signal light columns, foghorns and the general alarm. Moreover, a new signal light column is in the pipeline for launch in 2021.

With NORMA_AFF MARINELEC Technologies already proposes navigation light panels with a tactile screen, an alternative to tradition synoptic visuals. The new NORMA_AFF navigation light control and alarm system now boasts integrated software enabling the user to configure the interface according to his or her needs, for example, the ship’s outline, the control buttons or the status lights – a new feature which requires no tools and has been simplified by the addition of a selection of predefined ship silhouettes. Standardized and customizable, the NORMA_AFF system, which comes in 3 sizes of tactile screen _ “10”, “15” and “21”, brings flexibility and reactivity to the installer and optimizes user comfort by adapting to the size of the ship. The first examples are about to be installed on a 74 meter ferry under construction in Turkey.

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With AVAS « sound and light signaling device sequencer », MARINELEC Technologies offers a centralized visual and sound signaling device system for ships, in a single piece of equipment. AVAS will soon be installed on tugboats in Peru and New Caledonia. This system, which has been approved by the Bureau Veritas, is a three-in-one which combines the general alarm system, the sound signal sequencer and the foghorn or “whistle”. Compact and modular in design, AVAS is suitable for all types of ships. As a follow-on, the new AVASXM has the same features but also includes the control of information light columns.
A new information light column
Ever receptive to its customers, MARINELEC Technologies is also modifying its signal light column which will have a whole new look. The new column will come with technical and mechanical properties which will make it even more efficient, whilst it will better satisfy installation constraints on board large ships. It should be launched during the first semester of 2021.