Designer and manufacturer of electronic monitoring and alarm systems for the marine industry


MARINELEC values Data to accelerate the maritime energy transition

The development of digital tools and solutions and the growth of big data or open data offers the stakeholders of the blue economy an increasing amount of accessible data. Well used, they constitute a strategic advantage for companies in the industry and are considered by some to be the true black gold of the maritime sector. With its expertise in collecting and valuing information, MARINELEC Technologies is positioned as a real accelerator of the energy transition in maritime transport.

Efficient energy management on board

Monitoring tools and equipment are only monitoring but do not store the data. MARINELEC develops and sells ECOMER, a device for collecting and analyzing consumption data, item by item, to reduce fuel consumption and polluting gas emissions. Ecomer can also collect environmental data such as wind strength, sea state or current and positioning data, with a routing function. 

Digital technology must enable better understanding and analysis of the data, which implies business expertise and knowledge of the specific issues of the maritime industry. Many companies are proposing solutions, yet MARINELEC makes the difference through its technology based on its expertise and on its knowledge of ships and their environment. Operating, regulatory or safety constraints are taken into account for an analysis to meet each and every need.

Optimizing vessel design and operation 

MARINELEC has not only the capacity to collect but also to manage and value information.  Data is becoming a real asset, both for the shipping industry, which deploys technical solutions, and for shipowners who optimize the operational management of their ships. The collected data via ECOMER is used to identify progress margins, to prepare ship upgrades, to plan maintenance operations...

Instrumented equipment and suitable sensors enable to process data collected in operation. Their analysis enables shipyards, architects and design offices to assess the ship's characteristics or to implement corrective measures; equipment manufacturers can improve their industrial processes and adapt the design of their equipment.

Secure the data

The information on the ship is confidential and is the property of the shipowner. Depending on the settings and the required use, ECOMER can trace the ship's position, give information on the performance of equipment... sensitive information on fishing tactics or the location of a patrol vessel that needs to be protected.

The data collected via ECOMER are saved in MARINELEC's secure cloud, the company ensuring their correct transmission. The consultation of data is submitted to a user's permission. User access is secured by a password.

In the service of shipowners-users

Data is managed on board, in order to take action in real time, and remotely for back office analysis. MARINELEC offers the shipowner assistance in the processing and analysis of the collected data and helps him to fully benefit from ECOMER's functionalities.

Users benefit from tailor-made training based on real data collected on board the company's ships: correct data transmission, validation of their relevance and analysis with the shipowner, who then applies the process on his own for perfect management of his fleet's consumption.

Within the setting of a maintenance contract, the shipowner will benefit from permanent monitoring of the correct transmission of data, software updates, a maintenance service and data analysis validation services.