Designer and manufacturer of electronic monitoring and alarm systems for the marine industry



Expertise, knowledge and commitment for Marine safety

High quality products, advanced technology and innovation make MARINELEC Technologies one of the leading makers of marine safety electronic equipment for safer, eco-friendly and efficient vessels.

Competence combined with a long experience of more than 35 years and successful innovations reinforce our main ambition to offer customer the best solution when sailors and ships safety matters. For those reasons, we linked lasting relationships of trust with renowned shipyards and shipping companies

Development and advanced technology

Our expertise enables us to develop eco-designed solutions and products using advanced technology.

We were the first to apply Power line communication in 2012 to CL09 information light columns on board new cruise vessel.
We develop Wireless communication in European project POSE²IDON and in French competitiveness cluster named SAPHIR. This technology is to be used for Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System and could be generalized to the electronic devices of the bridge.

We also developed energy management systems to improve fleet operating to give ship owners efficient solutions to help them reduce energy consumption.
Analytical econometers has been developed in collaboration with shipyards, ship-owners and engineers. These products are already installed on board different type of vessels. They are efficient tools giving precise analysis and consumption data for an eco-friendly navigation:

Energy Management


ECOMER is a management system of energy consumption units of the ship. It can be installed on board all new or refitted vessels. This equipment consists of one 10” touch screen, one PLC in the engine room, one PLC in the wheelhouse and various sensors according to the ship specifications. The analysis of the collected data allows identifying energy posts consumption which can be reduced by corrective measures. You can save up to 10% of you energy consumption.
ECOCONSO is especially developed to manage and optimize fuel consumption. It is also featured to allow data transmission through satellite communication.                   

In harmony with designers Marinelec Technologies has also conceived an intelligent capacitive thin panel used for navigation lights control or any other devices or applications. This solution allows making custom dashboard according to high tech design of the bridges.                  

MANAGER Centralises Information to Facilitate Decision Making


Seeking to improve the ergonomics of the equipment on the bridge, MARINELEC has an original concept ...