Diseñador y fabricante de equipos electrónicos de vigilancia y alarma para la marina


MANAGER Centralises Information to Facilitate Decision Making


Seeking to improve the ergonomics of the equipment on the bridge, MARINELEC has an original concept of visualising the information in order to facilitate exploitation and to optimise the monitoring and management of the ship.

MANAGER is a new system that allows integrating, centralising and displaying simultaneously and in real time different equipment on the bridge. In particular, it allows us to integrate our Supervision, Alarm, and Monitoring System to optimise the security of the boat. Several systems can be displayed on the same large screen (46") : AMS, radar, sonar, CCTV, etc. The visualisation of this information is centralised but the equipment monitors remain controllable independently.
MANAGER is compatible with all commercial equipment, leaving the ship owner with plenty of choice.
By improving the ergonomics of the bridge, MANAGER reduces the workload for the crew, improving its capacity to process information and make decisions. The user has the choice of which equipment to display, separately or simultaneously. The control interface is on the touchscreen. The display format is configurable, adapting to the bridge and the integrated equipment on one or more screens. MANAGER also has a remote control system. Suitable for new builds or ship refits, MANAGER is already navigating its way aboard several vessels.